the station 1

Has a month passed already? It seems like just yesterday we were flying our world-famous Drone 2.0 over The Station‘s job site.

We dropped by the site this week (drone-less, unfortunately) to snap the first springtime photos of our ongoing Dig to Done series. While the weather during many of our recent visits has been wet and gloomy, we had nothing but sunshine this time around.

We observed that the warmer weather has hastened the pace of construction and progress is moving quicker than ever. Enjoy the action shots below…

the station

Looking at the site’s east side from Tippet Road.

the station 6

Progress is moving along quicker now that the weather is warmer and drier.

the station 5

The next construction milestone will be when the team pours the concrete slab on P3.

the station 3

Looking down into the site from the north side.

the station 2

This hulking beast of a crane is capable of lifting 18,000 pounds.

The Station is a development by Brandy Lane Homes. For more info about call the sales centre at 416 398 9777 or email

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