chazyorkville Our sources have confirmed that Chaz. Yorkville. experienced strong sales in February, selling a grand total of 17 suites. If that’s what they can do in 28 days, imagine what they can do with a full 31.

So where does that leave potential purchasers wishing to land a plum suite in one of Yorkville’s hottest condos? Luckily, a wide range of suites are still available inside Chaz, thanks in part to the extra floors added to the development in late 2012.

Chaz has been in the news a lot lately, with a crane recently erected on the construction site and the Chaz. Yorkville. app connecting buyers to interactive info.

With the strong sales figures and construction moving briskly, we’re sure to be hearing more from Chaz soon. Stay tuned!

Chaz is a development by 45 Charles Ltd. Edenshaw Homes is the project manager. For more information call 416 922 0045.

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