smog-eating hospital in Mexico City

The facade of this hospital in Mexico City is made up of Prosolve370e, a type of tile whose shape and chemical coating can help neutralize smog. According to Fast Company, the wall can suck up the same amount of air pollution that would be produced by 8,750 passing cars each day.

So how does it work? In a nutshell, the tiles are coated with titanium dioxide, a pollution-fighting technology that is activated by UV light. When light hits the wall, a reaction is set off that reduces the surrounding air pollutants into harmless amounts of carbon dioxide and water.

The tile’s honeycomb-like design maximizes the smog-reducing reaction by slowing wind speeds and creating turbulence, which better distributes the pollutants across the wall’s active surface.

A helpful design with a pleasing look. Perhaps something cities like Toronto will want to consider as the summer approaches…

smog-eating hospital in Mexico City2

smog-eating hospital interior

smog-eating hospital in Mexico City3

smog-eating hospital in Mexico City

For more, check out Fast Company.

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