55 pearl render 1 We’ve spotted a teaser site for Dumbo Townhouses by Alloy Development on 55 Pearl Street.

The five-unit project on the corner of Water Street will have four-bedroom, three-bath townhouses with private parking, a garden and a roof terrace.

The homes will feature 20-foot-tall parlor floor ceilings, fireplaces and nicely lit rooms throughout, according to Alloy’s site. Also, the residences are designed with energy-efficient building systems and “a high-performance building envelope.”

The new project is a half-mile away from Alloy’s previous development, 192 Water Street, a former warehouse the firm acquired in 2010 and turned into lofts.

But back to the Dumbo Townhouses teaser, which is a minimalist, cyan/teal doozy: the registration process is equally soothing and unnerving. Just close your eyes, think of spacious four-bedroom homes and let the blinking cursor guide your soul. 

We... we don't know. We just want to lie down and stay here for a while.

We… we don’t know. We just want to lie down and stay here for a while.



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