In a recent episode of the BBC show “Top Gear”, host Jeremy Clarkson takes the tiniest car in the world for a test drive.

“A takeoff on the Peel P50, the P45 has the drivetrain of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, but all the turn signals, lights, and license plates needed to make it street-legal in the United Kingdom,” explains Slate. “With a helmet for a roof, a visor for a windshield, and no side doors, the contraption calls to mind a Cozy Coupe crossed with a LEGO spaceman, and turns out to be only slightly more roadworthy.”

More roadworthy, but not necessarily safer. As you can see from the three-minute clip, Clarkson smashes his face on the windshield every time he hits a slight bump in the road, and becomes absolutely petrified when he merges onto a highway.

Still, the gas tank can be filled without having to get out of the vehicle, which is pretty cool.

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