World's most expensive largest house

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We first told you about Antilia — the $1 billion, 570-foot tall private residence in Mumbai — back in 2010. Last year, Mukesh Ambani finally moved his family into the 27-storey structure, and since then, more details have emerged on what exactly goes on inside the 400,000-square-foot home.

Curbed has done the good work of compiling some of the more unbelievable stats, which include the tidbit that the home, although built for a family of five, is run by a staff of 600. We also now know that Antilia has six full floors dedicated to parking, which is large enough to store Ambani’s entire 168-car collection. And if any of those cars are ever in need of repairs – as a result of neglect, we’ll say – the home also has a private car-service center located on the 7th floor.

Of course, as world’s the 19th richest person, you know car travel isn’t Ambani’s only mode of transportation. That’s why his home has three helipads and an “air space floor,” which serves as a helicopter control center.

Oh, and if you were wondering why a 570-foot tall building is only 27-storeys and not closer to 60, it’s because many of the floors are double or triple height. Obviously.

For more crazy stats on Antilia, read the Curbed post here.

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