ps 199 The city is considering plans from developers to demolish three schools in the Upper West and Upper East Sides, replacing them with luxury apartment towers.

The schools that could face the wrecking ball are PS 199 at 270 West 70th Street, PS 191 at 210 West 61st Street and the School of Cooperative Technical Education at 321 East 96th Street, the West Side Rag reported.

The city has received 24 proposals for projects on the three school sites, according to the West Side Rag.

The demolition could start as early as 2015, and the projects would include new schools. The PS 191 site would permit a tower measuring 342,000 square feet in floor area. The PS 199 site would allow for a building up to 650,000 square feet, while developers could construct up to 956,000 square feet at 321 East 96th Street.

The city posted a request in November for developers at two “prime development sites” in the Upper West Side, without mentioning that the plots were occupied by PS 199 and PS 191, DNAinfo reported.

City plans note that PS 199, PS 191 and the School of Cooperative Technical Education would be relocated during the construction process: “The Educational Construction Fund has secured a relocation site in order that the schools do not have to remain in operation on the site during construction. However, developers are encouraged to include potential relocation alternatives under their control as part of their bid,” according to a document sent to prospective developers.

There’s no guarantee that the projects will be green-lighted. The Department of Education sent this response to the West Side Rag (read the reply in full here):

“There will be a be a two-year planning and engagement process if any of the response are found to be worthwhile enough to advance to the project level… We used an RFEI (Request for Expressions of Interest) to solicit ideas from the development community from each of these sites but this does not obligate us to take any other action if we find that none of the responses are worth advancing to the development stage.”

If the city picks a developer, the public review process will begin in April or May. Here are the potential development sites, as presented in the city’s RFEI:

210 west 61st

270 west 70th

321 east 96th

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