ATL by Derek Dirks The US moving rate is, well, moving on up.

In 2012, about 36.5 million people packed their bags and settled somewhere else, according to the US Census Bureau. The mover rate among Americans last year was 12.0 percent, an increase from a record low of 11.6 percent in 2011.

But where is everyone going? Global transportation services firm Penske Truck Rental compiled a rundown of the most popular moving destinations. The list was based on truck-rental reservations for one-way moves, so it presumably won’t include the demographic of optimistic minimalists moving cross-country with a duffel bag and a dream. However, the report gives us a pretty good idea of the top 10 places people are heading:

1.) Atlanta, Georgia
2.) Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
3.) Phoenix, Arizona
4.) Orlando, Florida
5.) Chicago, Illinois
6.) Houston, Texas
7.) Denver, Colorado
8.) Seattle, Washington
9.) Charlotte, North Carolina
10.) Sarasota, Florida

Warmer climates and reasonable home prices were definitely a big draw; Atlanta topped the list for the third year in the row, with its sunny weather, rich arts scene and a median home sale price of $200,100. Sounds about right to us.

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