Flickr photo Toronto hearts  Danielle Scott Judging by the amount of commuters on the subway wielding bouquets of flowers and baked goods this morning, we’re not too surprised that Toronto has been named the most romantic city in the country.

CP24 reported on a survey that asked 1,054 single Canadians about their plans for Valentine’s Day and their thoughts on dating and love. And despite earning a bad rap for being stand-offish workaholics, the results suggest most Torontonians actually have a soft, gooey center. Or at least a love of love-themed celebrations.

When asked about Valentine’s Day, 72 per cent of Toronto singles said they thought Valentine’s Day was a romantic holiday. The least romantic city, Winnipeg, had only 56 per cent of respondents say the same (we don’t blame them: it’s really, really cold there).

Other surprises for the survey: Ottawanians are the most forward. Despite being known as a city of bureaucrats, singles in the capital city were the most likely to kiss on the first date.

Across the country, Canadians have embraced technology when it comes to hooking up. A total of 67 per cent of respondents said they had asked someone out via text or email. However, texting the night away while on a date is still seen as a huge of turn-off, with 63 per cent of singles naming being distracted by one’s phone as the top deal breaker.

Regardless of where your city ranked in the survey, we believe that the holiday offers the perfect excuse to eat too many cinnamon hearts and chocolate truffles.


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