City of Toronto Understanding Condo Issues Whether you dwell in a low-rise, a hard loft or a penthouse, the City of Toronto wants to hear your thoughts about life in a condo.

The first phase of condo consultation is now underway. Since February 12th, city planners have led public meetings in four communities across Toronto to better understand the issues at stake.

The first round of condo conversations are meant to identify the challenges condo residents are facing, pinpoint who’s responsible for managing these issues (the city, province, the condo board etc.) and document residents’ recommendations for the City of Toronto.

The City wants to hear from pretty much everyone. Aside from apartment residents and condo boards, they’re hoping to collect recommendations from businesses located in condo buildings, property managers, and City staff as well.

The purpose? As more and more people settle down in condos, many have turned to the city to address issues such as access to green space, recreational and community amenities, parking and access to childcare in the neighbourhood.

On Thursday evening, Peter Moore from the City Planning Division and Bianca Wylie, from the independent facilitator’s office SWERHUN Inc., led a public meeting in Etobicoke.

The workshop-style discussion saw tables full of local residents put forward different concerns that they’d like to see addressed. Among the hot button issues brought up at the meeting: infrastructure support for new builds and the differences between downtown and suburban condos.

After the first phase wraps up in March, an additional four public meeting will take place to test the ideas put forward by the public. Then, a staff report with the results of the consultation will be presented to City Council in summer/fall 2013. Moving forward, the City will identify potential changes to the policies that govern condo life in Toronto.

There’s still one more community meeting scheduled for the first phase of the process in North York, on February 27th at the Congregation Darchei Noam (864 Sheppard Avenue W.) Or you can check out an audio clip of Peter Moore’s presentation of the project overview, recorded at the Etobicoke meeting:

In March, an online survey will be posted to the city’s website as part of this first round of consultation. The second phase is being planned for April/May 2013.

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