Since Mayberry Hill held its grand opening late last year, its collection of four model homes has attracted a significant amount of attention.

Thomasfield is known for its “what you see is what you get” philosophy. To the developer, this means that the model homes, in their standard features and pricing, should speak for themselves and don’t require upgrades in order to sell.

Situated only a short drive from Orangeville in South Central Ontario, Mayberry Hill is located in Grand Valley, an idyllic small town that boasts both charm and a wonderful community spirit. Mayberry Hill is close to great outdoor amenities like the Rail Trail, Luther Marsh and other attractions that will appeal to the entire family.

The photo up top showcases Mayberry Hill‘s Brunswick model. Take a look at more interior photos below to see if the “what you see is what you get” philosophy meets your requirements…


The Brunswick model measures 1,967 square feet.


The Carmichael model measures 2,380 square feet.

The Carmichael, like all Mayberry Hill models, features al arge ceramic walk in shower.

The Carmichael, like all Mayberry Hill models, features a large ceramic walk in shower.


The view from second floor of The Carmichael opens to below with bedrooms two and three on either side.


The Norfolk features upgrades such as stone front, granite counter tops, ceramic backsplash and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. The upgrade package costs $26,000 and is a flat price across all plans.


The Norfolk’s living space.


The Thomson model measures 1,736 square feet.


The Thomson master bathroom ensuite.

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