Pears on the Avenue Construction Site 2

Construction is sailing along smoothly at MenkesPears on the Avenue, where the crew is well into the excavation process and making quick progress, despite the frigid temperatures.

The Pears presentation centre recently moved to a location adjacent to the job site on Avenue Road, just north of Davenport. With a elegant kitchen vignette and an invincible scale model (it’s been moved three times), the presentation centre is well worth checking out.

We took a trip out to the site to snap some photos of the progress and then warmed our frostbitten extremities in the presentation centre following the shoot. Have a look at the photos below…

Pears on the Avenue Construction Site 3

Looking into the Pears on the Avenue site from the west side.

Pears on the Avenue Construction Site

You can see the presentation centre to the south of the site in the background.

Pears on the Avenue Presentation Centre

We defrosted in the presentation centre following the site tour. The kitchen vignette is a Munge Leung design and features Miele appliances.

Pears on the Avenue Scale Model

The Pears on the Avenue scale model. Once complete, Pears will rise 20 storeys above Avenue and Davenport.

Pears on the Avenue Townhomes

Pears will feature five luxury townhomes each boasting private terrace space.

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