Who knew that Moby was such a big architecture geek? The electronic-rock singer waxed rhapsodic about Los Angeles’ “baffling,” “Byzantine” and “fantastically un-cohesive” buildings in a video campaign for a new Getty exhibit. The show, Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in LA, highlights the city’s post-war landscape.

“LA has the most diverse, interesting architecture of any city on the planet,” Moby declares. “When you look at beautiful architecture in LA, you’re not looking at buildings from 300, 400 years ago, that made perfect sense contextually 400 years ago. You’re looking at buildings that our friends made. So there’s something more democratic and egalitarian about that.”

You can also check out Moby’s Los Angeles Architecture Blog on Tumblr, which features his own photographs and musings on the city’s structural gems.

We wonder why musicians and architects don’t cross streams more often; we’d love to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs give a rundown of their favorite NYC structures, or tag along with Broken Social Scene on a tour of the Toronto cityscape.

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