it lofts exterior Dino Longo and his partner, Howard Goldstein, weren’t alone when they submitted their offer on the desirable lot on College Street at Rushholme.

Despite competition from over a dozen other bidders, Longo and Goldstein — also known as Worsley Urban Partners — came out on top and are using the sought-after space to create a unique community called IT Lofts.

Located on the cusp of Little Italy, Little Portugal and Dufferin Grove, it’s not difficult to surmise why there was such fierce competition for the site.

“It was a site that had been sitting vacant for quite some time,” Longo reminisced.

“My partner and I spend a fair bit of time in the area towards the end of the day, stopping in a cafe or restaurant in the neighbourhood. The area offers so much, being a part of Little Italy, Little Portugal and Dufferin Grove. Our projects are neighbourhood driven, boutique-style mid-rise developments so the site was a perfect fit.”

Residents of IT Lofts will have easy access to downtown Toronto as well as three distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own charm and amenities. While Longo expects a lot of singles will reside in IT Lofts, there has been significant demand for family-oriented suite designs as well.

“Our market is fairly broad. We have a very nice cross-section of singles as well as families,” he explained. “In fact, after we launched, we found there was a need for larger lofts — two and three bedrooms. We joined some of the lofts and created new layouts.”

Worsley Urban Partners has assembled a veritable dream team of architects and interior designers to work on the IT Lofts aesthetic. UNION31, who Longo calls “the best of the best” are on interior design duty while Roland Rom Colthoff and his team at RAW Design developed the architecture.

“Working with Roland was a very enjoyable collaboration,” said Longo. “He has great ideas and is very creative. We massaged various types of looks, feels and materials to come up with what we think is a very interesting design for this area. We think it’s a landmark property.”

For more info about IT Lofts call 416 690 0101 or email

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