Flickr Mr. House-head by lucianvenutian A survey of 2,000 homeowners revealed what Brits truly value in a house. Among the key ideals that make for a happy home, proximity to a pub proved to be even more important than distance to a supermarket.

The Daily Mail looked into a report by Banner Homes that rounded up the the most valued features of an abode, both inside and out. While having pets ranked number two on the list and being at least ten miles from the sea cracked the top ten, having the pub landlord know your name amazingly took the top spot.

While Britons believed “privacy” was a key factor, the average homeowner also wanted to have their next-door neighbour just yards away. Despite the emphasis on community spirit, the survey revealed six in ten of respondents didn’t feel like they were part of their local community. The biggest barrier to that feeling? Not knowing too many of the folks in the area.

The study suggests a longing for both convenience and community – with friendly neighbours, a news agent close by, and a barkeep that knows who you are. So basically, most Britons want to live on Coronation Street.

The full list of features of a happy home:

1. Pub landlord knows my name
2. Two pets
3. Two televisions
4. Good walks nearby
5. Five miles from countryside
6. One mile from newsagents
7. Two miles from pub
8. Two miles from supermarket
9. Ten miles from the coast
10. Comfortable sofa
11. Good neighbours
12. Front and back gardens
13. Large bed
14. Off-road parking
15. Fast internet
16. Spare room
17. Bookshelf
18. Nice dinner table
19. Cable TV
20. Fire place
21. Large fridge
22. Garden shed
23. Dishwasher
24. Trees in garden
25. Well-maintained lawn
26. En-suite bathroom
27. Barbecue
28. Patio
29. Fitted wardrobes

For more on the study, check out the full article in The Daily Mail.

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