Harmony Village Baby Boomers A significant section of the real estate market, Baby Boomers and seniors, are now on the cusp on making a huge big real estate decision. How do you down-size, without downgrading your lifestyle?

Harmony Village, an undertaking by City Core Developers, polled Canadians over 60 across Canada and found they’re not exactly ecstatic about the living options currently on the market. 

About 85 per cent of respondents said they are seeking different housing solutions than those being offered today. But what kind of home is the ideal for someone in or entering their Golden Years?

These demographics want something more than just a standard condo with the usual amenities. Baby Boomers and those that came before them are seeking something holistic and all-inclusive. They want to stay in an urban environment, close to everything they might need and  where they won’t have to give up the perks of their busy, independent lives.

Here’s how the results break down:

  • 76 per cent believe an independent lifestyle is very important as they enter the retirement stage of their lives.
  • 81 per cent believe easily accessible amenities, such as grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores and more are important.
  • 85 per cent say that their next real estate decision will be based around an urban village environment with convenient amenities.
  • 65 per cent find there are limited options available to them for this type of community living.

For more information about these trends and two new Harmony Village projects in the works by City Core Developments contact info@harmonyvillage.ca.

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