Girls s2 Last week’s dream-like episode of Girls was essentially a real-estate love story: it’s hard to tell whether Lena Dunham’s Hannah was more smitten with Patrick Wilson’s character or his gorgeously appointed home.

Although Hannah ultimately bid her short-time beau and brownstone adieu, we started wondering where our favorite arrested-development characters will live in 10 years. New York, for sure — but which buildings and neighborhoods? Here are our best guesses:

Marnie Park Union, Park Slope

Poor Marnie’s been in a slump this season, but we are confident that she’ll get it together and hop back on the gallery career track. Park Union‘s elegant, pre-war inspired residences would offer Marnie a safe haven from her future high-powered job (which hopefully will not require awkward suspenders-and-shorts getups).

She would also appreciate the private-entry vestibule with closet space, double-hung floor-to-ceiling windows, walk-in stone showers and dual-zone wine coolers. Plus, there’s a secondary bath with a deep soaking tub, for those late-night confessional chats with Hannah.

park union

park union living room

Shoshanna 101 West 87, Upper West Side

Ever the good-hearted optimist, Shoshanna would gravitate to a place with refined warmth and a classic red-brick facade, such as 101 West 87 by Bazbaz Development. The efficient, family-sized apartments would be spacious enough for entertaining her friends, and the idyllic, tree-lined location a heartbeat away from Central Park fits her sunny disposition. We have a feeling Shoshanna would take full advantage of the building’s courtyard garden, sky terrace, garden lounge and other comfy-luxe amenities — she is a lady, after all.

101 west 87

101 west 87

Jessa – 100 Norfolk, Lower East Side

Wild-card Jessa is a wanderer at heart, but 100 Norfolk Street, designed by ODA Architecture, just might get her to stay. Girls’ resident adventuress loves to stand out from the crowd, so the building’s audacious, looming design would be a huge plus. The top-heavy architecture will allow for unobscured views and solid interior light exposure  — a necessity for painters. Sure, the “inverted wedding cake” shape might recall unpleasant memories of her short-lived marriage with Thomas John, but in 10 years, we bet he’ll be a distant bump on the supernova auto-wreck highway that is Jessa’s life.

100 norfolk

100 norfolk 2

Hannah – 48 Box Street, Greenpoint

Living in the same neighborhood where her writing career started 10 years ago would be important for Hannah, if only for its memoir-introduction value. The six-unit, neo-townhouse-style 48 Box Street by HM Ventures Group would make Hannah feel like a real adult while still living the urban-bohemian life. The 1,631-square-foot one-bedroom on the ground floor touts a rear yard and a gigantic rec room ripe for all sorts of whimsical adventures. There’s private outdoor space for boozy contemplation and direct elevator access, so she can avoid stilted encounters with neighbors after hooking up with them for writing material. Also, the relaxed living space with open granite-counter kitchen is the prime setting for Hannah’s next pad thai party or passive-aggressive, toothbrush-throwing fight.

Photo copyright by Travis Dubreuil

Photo copyright by Travis Dubreuil

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