samsung-t9000-touchscreen-fridge Samsung is coming out with a $4,000, four-door fridge that has its own LCD touchscreen, complete with a calendar, baby monitor, weather app and Evernote (the digital posted note application).

Sound a bit ridiculous to you? Yeah, Gizmodo thinks so too:

“Apparently, companies have run out of ideas, and are now just adding crap to existing products, hoping that something will stick – that some clueless idiot will look at it at Best Buy and think: ‘OMFG, a $1,000 microwave with YouTube!? I’m GETTING IT!’”

We’re of the opinion that this all-in-one appliance is similar in concept to the ‘futuristic’ gadgets Walter Cronkite and his CBS News team assumed there’d be more of in today’s households.

Here’s a look at the fridge in video.

Is this something you’d like in your home, or is a fridge touchscreen a redundancy, what with all the smartphones and tablets?

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