street bbq Yeah, that will totally work: to combat China’s infamous smog problem, the government is considering a ban on… barbecue.

The country’s environmental watchdog has released draft legislation suggesting limiting barbecues in densely populated urban areas. The draft technical guideline, issued earlier this month by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, urges major cities to pass legislation banning “barbecue-related activities,” although we’re not sure what that entails.

An MEP official said that the barbecue-shunning measure is part of a larger “package solution” to prevalent air pollution, according to In January, the smog levels in Beijing reached 30 times higher than the standard deemed safe by the World Health Organization. Bloomberg discovered that for most of January, Beijing was essentially one big airport smoking lounge.

We’re not sure if barbecues are the main culprit in China’s pollution woes. After all, where there’s smoke, there’s not always freshly grilled meat skewers.

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