breathing bike Bicycling has been the eco-friendly transportation alternative ever since the horse-and-buggy fell out of vogue. However, does your bike actively clean the air around you?

Beijing-based artist Matt Hope created a “breathing bike” with a homemade 5,000-V air filter. The pedal-powered generator hooks up to a filtration system that sucks air through a perforated IKEA garbage can, trapping dust and dirt particles inside a trumpet. The clean air then goes through a hose connected to a (massively cool-looking) fighter pilot mask.

Hope was inspired by seeing Beijing’s bicycle commuters regularly wearing masks to combat the city’s notorious pollution. “This is all powered just from riding,” Hope says in a video explaining his “weird, provocative” creation. “The idea is that it can make clean air for you while you ride it.”


This breathing bike, however, isn’t quite ready for mass production, due to the potentially deadly 5,000 volts of electricity. “If you ride this in the rain, you could potentially kill yourself,” Hope says. “But in theory, it works.”

Hey, it’s not easy being green. Check out the video below:

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