Among the next generation of vacation rental sites, Airbnb is the creme de la creme. Armed with a sharp aesthetic and 300,000 rental listings in over 33,000 cities worldwide, the site is changing the way people plan their vacations.

Toronto has 1,611 rentals listed on the site and the number is growing steadily almost every day. We took a brief break from BuzzBuzzHome to discover the best rental listings that Airbnb has to offer in the city. They’re not all the most expensive rentals (though one is very, very expensive), but they’re all visually stunning in some way.


De Salle Castle Yes, you can rent a castle. The De La Salle Heritage House is located near St. Clair and Avenue Road and can accommodate up to 16 guests. The rate per night is $1390 (that includes the not insignificant $289 cleaning fee) and it can be rented for an entire month for only $24,025. Below is one of many impressive interior photos listed on Airbnb. Also worth noting is the castle’s 10 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms.

Castle 2

Unique Heritage in the city If you’re looking for something a little less regal that still boasts a lot of character, check out this heritage loft in the Entertainment District. Loving the eclectic furniture and the high ceilings. The downside? Pull-out bed on

Room with a view We’ll forgive the low-res photos because these views are out of sight! There are a lot of great views to be taken in around the city, but this downtown condo‘s epic panorama could easily land in the top 10. The condo is also outfitted with an HD TV and an Xbox so leaving may be difficult. Luckily, for the low, low sum of $5000, you can rent the suite out for a full month.

Rooftop Deck 1 For those with more of a rustic taste, scope out this two bedroom loft with exposed brick walls and wood ceilings. If the Viking horns in the kitchen don’t do it for you, the incredible 700 square foot rooftop patio will…

Rooftop Deck 2

Modern Lofts This downtown loft looks like an archetypal modern condo you’d see in a movie about a wealthy music producer living in Manhattan who throws parties that Interpol and Drake show up at. You also must be *this* cool to rent this place out. Just kidding, you can rent it out for $400 per night.

TIFF Rental Rent a spacious suite with wall to wall windows near Bloor and Avenue Road? I’m sure we could twist your arm…

Toronto Island It’s an entirely different way of life on the Toronto Islands. In fact, you could skip the cottage in Muskoka altogether and simply hop on a ferry for five minutes to escape the urban hustle and bustle. In this two bedroom house on the Toronto Island, the only drawback is that strange mannequin head sitting beside the couch. Everything else — amazing!

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