Like the eight-room, 420-square-foot studio we told you about last month, the “Transformer” is another New York City apartment we’re admiring for its space-saving capabilities.

Designed by architecture firm Studio Garneau, the centerpiece of the space is a track-mounted sliding wall that separates the bedroom from the living and dining areas.

“When the wall is positioned to enclose the bedroom, it exposes a floor-to-ceiling library wall of filing cabinets and adjustable shelves,” explains a post on Inhabitat. “And when it’s slid back, covering the library, visual clutter is reduced to create a serene minimalist look.”

The wall bed can be flipped up to create more space, and the blue-tiled bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a floor-to-ceiling short wall of shallow drawers.

The couch can be rearranged into a sectional or queen-sized bed, while the dining table (which can be raised into a counter) has its own hidden compartments.

Transformer apartment Transformer apartment1

Transformer apartment2

Transformer apartment3

To see more images, check out Inhabitat.

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