OneCentral Park from-park500w 2 Holy Heliostat! In Sydney, Australia, Watpac Construction hoisted a 110-ton steel reflector frame up 100 metres (or 328-feet) in the air, and in just one lift, gracefully fixed it to the side of the east tower of One Central Park.

The development on Broadway consists of two residential towers grounded by a retail centre and connected by terraced gardens to the parkland below. The colossal frame will support Australia’s first residential heliostat, lighting artwork and a garden terrace. The developers, Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia, explained in a news post on the project website that the task was the single most complicated part of the construction process. The heft of reflector frame had to be perfectly counterbalanced with the weight of the east tower.

Lifting the frame — which weighed the equivalent of three Mack trucks or 16 elephants — was an engineering feat 30 months in the making and was completed the morning of February 1st. But Watpac Construction had a little help from Tinkerbell, a FAVCO M2480 crane believed to be the strongest in the world (it can lift a maximum weight of 330 tons).

A video reveals the intricacies of the job:

But there’s still plenty of intricate work ahead. The reflector frame may be in place, but now the builders have to add 320 mirrored panels to the frame. And every mirror has to be fitted with nine LED coloured lights for a lighting installation that’ll act as a piece of permanent public art.

One Park is a an incredibly ambitious mixed-use development. It will also include vertical gardens home to 250 species of Australian flowers and plants and the cantilevered section with the heliostat will light up the parkland at ground level.

For more information about the One Central Park undertaking check out the news post.

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