Capsule hotel China

Looking for a more unique travel experience? Reuters has compiled a fun photo gallery of unconventional hotel rooms from around the world.

On display are concepts like the capsule hotel in China’s Shandong province (pictured above).

As well as the LEGO hotel in Carlsbad, California.

LEGO hotel

LEGO hotel1

The suites at Alpha Resort Tomamu’s ice village in Japan probably feel like many rooms across much of the eastern United States and Canada right about now.

A couple relax on mouton spread atop an ice bed at ice hotel in Shimukappu town, Japan's northern island of Hokkaido

There’s also the German prison that was converted into the artsy “Alcatraz hotel” in Kaiserslautern.

hotel Alcatraz in Germany

This car-turned-bedroom sits mounted on four-metre-high poles outside an Amsterdam hotel.

Car hotel

Reuters has about a dozen more examples, all of which can be seen here. And while it’s an enjoyable list, we wonder why a few notable designs were left unmentioned. Like Dubai’s underwater Discus Hotel, boasting the best ocean views in the world (obviously).

Or how about the Ewok Village-like “Free Spirit Spheres” on Vancouver Island.

We’re also quite fond of these mobile hotel pods that follow you to your destination for a luxury camping experience.

Mobile hotel rooms

Care to offer your own favourites? Do so in the comment section below or hit us up on Twitter.

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