art house 1 Tired of soul-sucking fluorescent lights, awkward elevator rides and coworkers stealing your yogurt from the communal kitchen? Take a look at the world’s most expensive office in New York’s Lehman Art House, which can be yours for $49.9 million, or over $3,000 a square foot.

The Beaux-Arts 7 West 54th Street property was built in 1899 and once housed Lehman Brothers head Philip Lehman. Now, the limestone mansion boasts 16,676 square feet with 737 square feet of outdoor space, a high-speed T1 line for data, temperature-controlled server room, a swipe-card security system and video-conferencing rooms.

The six-story building, which added a modern glass penthouse in 2006, also features copper-framed ocular windows, French doors, a sweeping stone balcony and a sauna for decompressing after a rough workday. Currently, the hedge fund Zimmer Lucas Capital, LLC., is using the mansion as headquarters for about 30 employees.

As a bonus, if you need a break from working in museum-like grandeur, you can pop just across the street to the Museum of Modern Art, which helped renovate the property.

The Corcoran listing says that the building is “also ideal for a school, private club, diplomatic residence or institution.”

Photographs below, courtesy of Corcoran:

art house 2

art house 3

art house 4 art house 5

art house 0

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