Bullitt Center greenest building

If all systems work as they’re supposed to, the 50,000-square-foot Bullitt Center in Seattle will draw all of its power from sunlight, all of its water from rainfall and all of its heat and cooling from pumps that will mine the energy 400 feet below the surface.

“The building doesn’t look a lot like a Douglas-fir forest,” Bullitt Foundation president Denis Hayes tells The Seattle Times, “but it behaves remarkably like one.”

The six-storey structure is set to open on Earth Day, April 22.

“The builders bypassed the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification in favor of the strenuous Living Building Challenge standards,” explains TriplePundit.com.

Besides the Bullitt Foundation itself, the building’s tenants will include the University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab and the Cascadia Green Building Council.

Suites range from 2,000 to 8,000-square-feet and include showers for those who commute to work by bicycle.

Via BullittCenter.org, here are a few more photos, renderings as well as a video of the ambitious project.

An artist's rendering of the completed Bullitt Centre.

An artist’s rendering of the completed Bullitt Centre.

The solar panels on Bullitt Center's roof.

The solar panels on Bullitt Center’s roof.

The building's hydronic heating system being installed.

The hydronic heating system is installed.

Bullitt Center under construction.

Bullitt Center under construction.

Bullitt Center's expansive windows and interiors.

Bullitt Center’s expansive windows and interiors.

The below video takes a closer look at the building’s systems, how they will work as well as the thinking behind the design.

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