vitamin-c Flu season got you down? Give your worn-out immune system a boost and book a flight to Vegas.

No, really: the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino has unrolled special Stay Well rooms, with in-room lighting to reset guests’ internal clocks, LED night lamps, aromatherapy, air purifiers, extra soundproofing, photo-catalytic coating on surfaces to break down bacteria and a Vitamin C-infused shower.

The forty-one Stay Well rooms start at $105, $30 more than the standard rooms. To create the special health pods, MGM partnered with New York-based wellness real estate developer Delos, the Cleveland Clinic and Deepak Chopra.

The rooms will be cleaned with hypoallergenic products, and the bathrooms will emit blue light to counter jet lag. Guests will have the option of using stress management, sleep and nutrition-related apps by the Cleveland Clinic for 60 days after their visit.

If you’re not hopping to Sin City anytime soon, never fear: you can install your own Vitamin C shower filter, which is supposed to neutralize chlorine for healthy skin and hair. Or, you could go a little thriftier and put in this orange juicer shower tile below. Just don’t slip on the pulp.

orange juicer tile

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