Rogers says Canada is a nation of nomophobes Overly attached to your mobile phone? Feel like you and Siri have a special connection, despite a lack of clear communication between the two of you?

Well, you’re a typical Canadian according to research from telecommunications giant Rogers.

In the recently released Rogers Innovation Report, the Toronto-based company says 83 per cent of mobile users in the country have used their device in the bathroom, 55 per cent check their phone before brushing their teeth in the morning and 51 per cent of the population sleeps with their smartphone in the bed or on the nightstand – a 12 per cent jump from 2011.

The diagnosis? We’re a country full of nomophones, or in layman’s terms, someone who stresses out when they’re unable to connect to their mobile phone.

Rogers has compiled the findings of their annual mobile survey into this infographic:

Rogers mobile phone use in Canada infographic

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