Which Canadian cities have the highest concentration of rich people? That’s the question that Maclean’s new interactive map, “Where the one per cent lives,” answers.

The graphic is based on Statistics Canada’s data on 2010 tax-filers who made at least $250,000.

While Canada’s four largest cities – Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver – are still home to the most one-percenters, the highest per capita incomes (number of $250,000+ earners per 1,000 people) may not be where you’d expect.

“Nine out of the 20 metropolitan areas with the highest number of one-percenters per head, including the top four, are in Alberta,” the MacLean’s web article reads. “Fort McMurray, which came in first in our ranking of Canada’s richest cities, scores second place here. Saskatchewan, another resource boom story, counts three names on the list, only one shy of Ontario.”

Would you have guessed that Estevan, Saskatchewan was among Canada’s “wealthiest” cities?

For more on the interactive and the data behind it, be sure to check out MacLean’s website here.

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