Rats are as ubiquitous in New York City as taxis and bagels. However, that doesn’t mean we have to meekly accept our furry underlords.

Gothamist put together a heat map of New Yorker rat complaints, based on calls to 311 reporting the rodents. The Upper West Side racked up the most complaints in Manhattan, racking up 1,000 reports from 2012-2012. In Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Bushwick residents were the most avid rat spotters, with 800-900 calls each neighborhood to 311’s public services. The ZIP code 11221 alone was the source of 965 rodent-related reports.

Contrast this to the East Village and Lower East Side, where people called in 314 and 374 complaints, respectively. Perhaps Lower Manhattan residents are just more jaded.

Check out the interactive map here.

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