Space shuttle Atlantis in July, 2011. Photo via Flickr. Are you in need of a spaceship launch pad, a 15,000-foot landing strip, or a parachute-packing plant? NASA is finally selling those items, and many more, after shuttering its shuttle program in July, 2011.

“[NASA is advertising] a long list of Kennedy Space Center facilities and equipment as available for use, lease or, in some cases, outright purchase by the right business,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.

“Among them: Launch Pad 39A, where shuttles were launched; space in the Vehicle Assembly Building, the iconic 526-foot-tall structure first used to assemble Saturn V-Apollo rockets; the Orbiter Processing Facilities, essentially huge garages where the shuttles were maintained; Hangar N and its high-tech test equipment; the launch-control center; and various other buildings and chunks of undeveloped property,” the article reads.

All the equipment must go before the end of 2013, when federal maintenance money will run out.

“When it does, machinery will start to rust, and buildings will deteriorate in the harsh coastal-marsh environment of Cape Canaveral,” the Sentinel explains.

The best part is you don’t necessarily need to be in the sparefaring business to purchase the equipment.

“NASA has at various times published official notices seeking proposals and spelled out that the proposals should be space-related, though the agency will consider alternative uses under certain circumstances,” the Sentinel reports.

If you’ve always fantasized about repairing a space station, this is your chance to get your own business off the ground and above the Earth’s atmosphere.

For more, the Orlando Sentinel article is here.

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