a model of Sicily Kolbeck's future tiny house

Some kids play house; some kids make them. Sicily Kolbeck, a 12-year-old from Marietta, Georgia, is constructing a 128-square-foot home on a trailer to promote sustainable living.

“This project will be a model for many kids (and adults alike) who want to take the next step to building tiny,” Kolbeck wrote in her indiegogo page asking for donations for building materials. “I hope it will inspire people to live smaller and more simply and to shed all the excess in their lives.”

Kolbeck was inspired by Deek Diedrickson’s Tiny Yellow House and Relaxshacks YouTube Channel. “His videos showed me that I could build a house with next to no money and still have it be comfortable and inviting and my own,” her indiegogo project description states. So far, she’s raised $700 of her $1,500 goal.

The finished house will include a 30-square-foot loft, full bathroom, solar panels and full kitchen. “I thought about what I needed, and I don’t need a lot of space,” Kolbeck told her mother in a GOOD article. “Mostly I need a place to bake cupcakes, to read and to hang out with friends.”

To realize her dream, Kolbeck is asking for help from people with expertise in plumbing, solar and electrical work. She plans to finish her micro-home in May 2013, when she will throw an open house.

You can check out her blog here and donate to her project here, where you can peek at the floor plan laid out in masking tape.


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