lego red If you don’t like LEGOs, we can’t be friends — these little toy bricks kicked off our life-long obsession with home-building.

To celebrate LEGO’s 55th birthday, creative agency Brad in Montreal made 55 minimalist posters of LEGOs recreating famous pop-culture scenes. The clever images don’t reveal the exact references, only giving hints such as “imagine a song” or “imagine a movie.”

Below are our favorite architecture/home-related posters:

lego 0

lego intro

lego 1

lego 2

lego 4

These two aren’t necessarily home-related, but we felt smart when we solved them:

lego 6

lego 5

Can’t get enough? All the designs are on the tumblr ‘55 years of the brick.’ See how many riddles you can solve at first glance; we figured out almost all of them (we think).

[edited 1/31: Looks like the tumblr account is currently down — bummer. Hope you looked through all the designs while you had the chance, because you’ll never see them again.]

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