Inhabitat has put together a list of the “Top 6 Architecture Stories of 2012.” While we enjoy them all, our favourite is the tale of a Belgium traveler who raised thousands of dollars and spent time over a two-year period restoring Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home — The Lars Homestead.

The igloo-like hut is, of course, part of George Lucas’ abandoned “Star Wars” film set in Tunisia.

“After returning from a trip to Tunisia in 2010, Dermul noticed that the hut was in very bad shape,” Inhabitat explains. “Dermul tells NPR that, almost as a joke, he put out a call to help restore Luke’s hut, but people took the cause seriously, and donations from other fans quickly poured in. Dermul and his team raised the $11,000 needed to fix up the igloo-shaped structure, but the Arab Spring uprising in Tunisia slowed the project down.”

It wasn’t until Tunisia’s new government came into power in October 2011, that Dermul and his team were able to obtain building permits to continue the restoration. In May of 2012, the six-person crew spent eight days renovating and rebuilding the structure. The hut was re-plastered and given a fresh coat of white paint, Inhabitat explains.

A big job considering the shape that is was left in following a visit from Imperial Stormtroopers.

For Inhabitat’s complete list of the “top architecture stories” of the past year, click here.

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