Vancouver named most walkable city in Canada Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the three most walkable cities in Canada, according to Walk Score’s latest Walkability Rankings.

As regular readers of BuzzBuzzHome already know, Seattle-based Walk Score is the only international, quantitative ranking of walkability. Cities and neighbourhoods are ranked on a scale of 0 to 100, with locations receiving a score of 90 to 100 deemed a “Walkers’ Paradise.”

“Canada’s most walkable cities and neighbourhoods make it easier for residents to leave their cars at home more often which is great for your wallet, health, environmental impact, and quality of life,” Walk Score CEO Josh Herst said in news release.

A recent Toronto Public Health study found that people favour cities where shops and services are within walking distance, school or work is a short commute away, and there’s easy access to public transit. The study also found that people living in walkable neighbourhoods have lower body weights and that walkable neighbourhoods contribute to better air quality and traffic reduction.

Canada’s top 10

  1. Vancouver (Walk Score: 78)
  2. Toronto (Walk Score: 71)
  3. Montreal (Walk Score: 70)
  4. Mississauga (Walk Score: 59)
  5. Ottawa (Walk Score: 54)
  6. Winnipeg (Walk Score: 53)
  7. Edmonton (Walk Score: 51)
  8. Hamilton (Walk Score: 51)
  9. Brampton (Walk Score: 48)
  10. Calgary (Walk Score: 48)

If your city isn’t included on the list, you can view the complete nationwide rankings here.

Also worth noting, each city’s ranking is an average, and Walk Score breaks down their rankings further by neighbourhood. Vancouver, for example, has a Walk Score of 78, but its three most walkable neighbourhoods – Downtown, West End and Strathcona – have rankings of 96, 94 and 93, respectively. Toronto’s Bay Street Corridor has a near perfect score of 99.

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