economistwheretobeborn2013canada You’re a pretty lucky baby if you’re going to be born in Canada this year. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked Canada at number nine in its “Where to be born in 2013” index, ahead of Hong Kong (10), but bested by New Zealand (8).

The EIU used the results from its life-satisfaction surveys as well as the usual statistical suspects (economic growth, life expectancy etc..) to rank 80 countries out of 10. Unsurprisingly, Switzerland sits at the top of the list with a score of 8.22 with Australia (8.12) and Norway (8.09) rounding out the top three.

The US tied with Germany at number 16 with a score of 7.38 while France narrowly edged out Britain for the 26th spot, leaving the Brits at 27.

Ukraine, Kenya and Nigeria received the lowest rankings on the EIU’s list, with scores of 4.98, 4.91 and 4.74, respectively.

Here’s a look at the entire “where-to-be-born index, 2013”:


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