Giving new meaning to the term “compact car,” is the Hiriko Fold, an electric vehicle that – as the name suggests – can fold up.

At “full”-size it’s already smaller than a Smart car, but once it does its shrinking act, it’s only 59 inches long (about 150 centimetres) – so three Hirikos can fit in a standard parking spot.

“When it’s parked, the car folds up with the driver and passenger still inside; the windshield doubles as a door, so it’s easy to park facing the sidewalk and step directly out,” explains. “Special wheels rotate at a 60-degree angle, allowing the Hiriko to move sideways.”

The small car runs entirely on electricity and can travel 75 miles (120 kilometres) on a single charge. Of course, it’s not intended for highway travel and has a top speed of only 31 miles per hour (50 kilometres).

Spain’s government has collaborated with MIT to test the vehicle and help bring it to market, while Germany is also looking to do the same this year – adding the Hiriko to the country’s car-sharing network.

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