felice cohen Writer and artist Felice Cohen garnered media attention in 2011 when she gave a tour of her 90-square-foot Upper West Side studio.

Now, Cohen is living large — after getting booted from her micro-pad, thanks to that video.

After her tour of her dollhouse digs went viral, her landlord discovered that she wasn’t on the lease of the apartment. The landlord then attempted to raise her rent from $700 a month to $1,300 or $1,400 a month, an offer Cohen seriously considered before she took her grandparents’ advice that “It was time to buy.”

Cohen ended up purchasing an adorable, orange-accented 500-square-foot apartment in the same neighborhood, and she recently gave *faircompanies a peek into her more spacious home. Curiously enough, she has less stuff in the new pad than in her prior 90-square-foot nest.

“I miss my little place,” Cohen says in the video, although she admits that it’s a relief she doesn’t have to sit sideways on the toilet anymore. “I can have three people in the bathroom now,” she says.

Cohen approves of New York’s experimenting with changing zoning laws to allow for smaller new apartments, and she gives one of the most succinct descriptions of Manhattan we’ve heard: “The city is just a bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other, and everybody inside has their own little life going on.”

Watch the video below:

And here’s the original tour of Cohen’s 90-square-foot apartment:

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