worldhaus We’re so used to skyscraper-high prices in real estate that we’re more shocked by genuinely affordable housing.

Case in point: this $1,500 home that can be built in 10 days.

The modular 220-square-foot abode is the brainchild of WorldHaus, an Idealab company that aims to create accessible homes for disadvantaged people across the globe.

WorldHaus describes its design as “a breakthrough kit home that puts safe, electrified housing within reach of millions of families.” The standalone, eco-friendly houses are made of interlocking earth-bricks, concrete and steel and polystyrene roof panels; most of the building materials can be put together on-site, which makes the weather-proof structures less costly than conventional homes.

Families can choose among models with one to three bedrooms, with the option of adding features such as toilets, stoves, LED-TV screens and solar cooling.

The first WorldHaus home was recently finished in Chennai, India. The organization plans to build 5,000 more by the end of next year and a million by 2020.

Photos and a time-lapse video of the building process below, courtesy of WorldHaus:

worldhaus 3

worldhaus 4

worldhaus 2


WorldHaus Home Build Time Lapse from Idealab on Vimeo.

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