cloud9_-_living_room When developing the model suite for the Lash Group‘s Cloud9, the designers at Tanner Hill and Associates knew they had to create something bold.

“We wanted to do something that was vibrant and in-your-face to make a statement,” says Paul Davies, a designer at Tanner Hill and a 17 year industry veteran. New developments in the area around Kipling Avenue, between Westhumber Boulevard and Albion Road have been few and far between in the last few decades. Tanner Hill knew they could make an impact if they produced something exciting for the Cloud9 presentation centre. 

The interior design firm also knew that the end users at Cloud9 would be a varied crowd. “We had a very mixed buyer profile here. First-time buyers and young singles; people downscaling and moving from the area into a fresh accommodation,” Davies explains over the phone. “We wanted to do something that would please a large scope of the buying population.”

To accomplish this broad appeal, Davies and the Tanner Hill crew kept things clean and simple.

“We used the same sort of palette and textures throughout. It has a central kitchen that’s quite large for a two bedroom as far as storage goes. There’s two walls of cupboards and an island. We kept all the wood finishes very light except for the bathrooms which have a charcoal wood tone.”

The bathrooms are just one example of Tanner Hill kicking up the surprise factor and adding some stellar flourishes to an otherwise clean and simple aesthetic. “The bathrooms were a little more dramatic to add a sense of excitement,” says Davies. “A lot of people in the area are coming from rented accommodation and older homes so it’s exciting to go into something with new finishes.”

Have a look at more photos of the model suite, including one of the dramatic bathroom, below…

Sounds like Tanner Hill have nailed it! If you’re interested in checking out the model, head to the sales centre at 60 Esther Lorrie Drive in Etobicoke.

For more info call 416 747 0199 or email info

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