rem-inv-x-const-status1 RealNet‘s always enlightening Informed Advantage blog published some excellent insights on the standing inventory numbers in GTA high-rises.

Standing inventory refers to the number of units available for sale in projects that have finished construction with units available for occupancy. According to RealNet’s data, ther were 1,147 units in this category in the GTA as of October 31, 2012.

There are 407 two bedroom units and 307 two bedroom + den units for sale in completed new construction high-rises. That’s 62 per cent of the current remaining inventory.

“By contrast the 1 bedroom and 1 bedroom + den units account for only 20% of current remaining inventory in completed projects,” writes RealNet’s number cruncher Steven Hurst. This is definitely the key insight to take from these numbers: the significantly higher number of two bedroom units that are still on the market in completed buildings versus the number of one bedroom units.

Here are a couple of graphs and maps that provide extra insight into the standing inventory numbers.


GTA high-rise remaining inventory by construction status. The green line represents standing inventory. Via RealNet


The 1,147 units broken down by unit type.


The location within the GTA of completed projects that have unsold units.


The location within the GTA of completed projects that still have unsold units.


A breakdown of those finished projects in downtown Toronto with unsold units remaining.

Thanks for the insight RealNet!

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