Agree with Mercer that Vancouver has the highest quality of life in North America? Because that distinction is being challenged by another Quality of Life Index from Numbeo, who gave the honour to Edmonton.

In fact, Alberta’s capital was deemed to have the third highest quality of life in the entire world, behind only Berlin and Zurich.

The second highest ranked Canadian city was another Albertan town: Calgary, which landed in the fifth spot worldwide (Montreal ranked ninth, Toronto came in at number 11 and Vancouver is 16).

Needless to say, the latest index is pleasing a few folks in Wild Rose Country.

“This ranking helps Edmontonians, Calgarians and Albertans share our success story with the world,” stated Brad Ferguson, president and CEO of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, in a news release. “In addition to creating civic pride and a greater appreciation of what we already have, the recognition strengthens our two cities’ identities and solidifies Alberta’s place as truly one of the world’s very best locations.”

Numbeo’s quality of life index considers eight categories, including a city’s purchasing power, house price to income ratio, safety and traffic commute times. is a database of user-contributed information and manually collected data from official sources for cities and countries’ living conditions, including cost of living, housing, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.

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