Lots of people ring in the New Year with noise-making party favours. Probably an equal number of people like to celebrate the occasion with a drink or two. Well, Tyler DeAngelo & Sacha De’Angeli of Havas Worldwide Chicago have designed a New Year’s Eve party horn that will only work if you’ve had a couple of drinks.

PSFK explains how it works:

“The ‘Buzzed Buzzer’ is a hacked noise maker that replaces the regular horn with an Arduino, alcohol sensor, and buzzer that activates with the presence of alcohol. When a person blows into the horn, the code looks for the presence of alcohol on the user’s breath; if the sensor sees a spike, the horn will make a noise. If the user hasn’t had enough to drink, the buzzer won’t make a sound.”

We like the concept and the name.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy having on Monday night, check out The Buzzed Buzzer website for instructions on how to make your own.

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