Here’s something for both music and architecture lovers: a kaleidoscopic video for UK band Wave Machines‘ new track “I’ll Fit.”.

The three-minute piece mashes up mirror effects with time-lapse photography – a favourite tool when it comes to capture a building’s essence.

The Atlantic Cities interviewed one of the music video’s co-creators, John Brown, who calls the technique “hyper-lapse.” Of his love for building photography, Brown told the Atlantic Cities:

“…taking photographs of buildings really started to change the way I looked at them, and seeing the animated results made me see the movement as a kind of empowering dance with these normally very dominating figures in our cities.”

So next time you find yourself walking down a city street, imagine that all those concrete and class structures are just really tall dance partners.

For more on the video and its hyper-lapse imagery, be sure to read the Atlantic Cities.

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