Regular BuzzBuzzHome readers know we’re big infographic fans – we even like to make our own. So we were obviously excited when we came across Fast Company’s list of the 16 Most Compelling Infographics of 2012.

Our favourite, Our Massive Impact On Earth, is actually a series of renderings from Globaïa showing the incredible power of human ingenuity.

“The maps were created by anthropologist Felix Pharand-Deschenes, using data from a variety of government agencies,” Fast Company explains on their website. “They tend to focus on our cities and the transportation and communication networks that serve as civilization’s nerve fibers and arteries. Several of them show roads, shipping lines, and airline routes.”

Like the Global Transportation System infographic:

Or From Igloolik to New York, which highlights the gradient from the global cities in the United States to remote Inuit communities in the North.

Humans sure knows how to make their mark. Check out Fast Company’s complete infographic collection here.

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