Because brains can be just as alluring as good looks, we’re excited about Fast Company’s list of the Top 10 Smartest Cities in North America which includes Vancouver at number four, New York at number five, Toronto at number seven and Montreal at number 10.

The rankings are based on Fast Company writer Boyd Cohen’s Smart Cities Wheel (click on the image to the left for a larger view), which contains six key components of smart cities and three key drivers for each component.

Vancouver made the list because the city was second in North America behind San Francisco on the Siemens Green City Index, and along with San Francisco, “Vancouver was the only other city to achieve a top-10 ranking in all nine index categories.”

New York got a nod for – among other things – having the highest walkability score, the highest transit use, and the number one spot the transit component of the Siemens Green City Index.

What makes Toronto so smart?

“Toronto scores high in Smart Living as measured by the Mercer Quality of Life index,” the Fast Company article reads. “Toronto was also rated as having one of the smartest populations among big cities in Canada according to Maclean’s recent ranking. Furthermore, Waterfront Toronto recently built and launched Canada’s first open-access broadband community network that uses fiber optics.”

Fast Company calls Montreal “one of the most ‘European’ cities in North America” and praises it for its density, high-quality public transit and for being “one of the best cities for cycling” on the continent.

For the full list and rundown of the Top 10 Smartest Cities in North America, read Fast Company here.

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