NASA can debunk all the doomsday predictions it wants, but some people refuse to take the supposed end of the Mayan calendar lightly.

From the Huffington Post we learn about Liu Qiyuan, a DYI survival designer in China who built seven 14-person pods to wait out the “Mayan apocalypse.”

“Each pod is a self-contained sphere built of waterproof fiberglass and steel,” the Huffington Post article reads. “When submerged in water, they automatically float upright – and in the event the 14 possible occupants get jostled around too much, there are seat belts. Passengers also have access to a store of food, oxygen and water supplies.”

RT reports each of the seven pods cost $48,000. Liu told AFP that his design would have no problem handling 3,000-foot waves.

“It’s like a ping pong ball, it’s skin may be thin but it can withstand a lot of pressure,” Liu told AFP, adding: “I worked for many years without saving much money … invested most of my money in the pods, because it’s worth it, it’s about saving lives.”

For more images and info on the survival pods check out the Huffington Post – just don’t expect to get your worried hands on one of the life-saving capsules in time for Friday.

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