Sometimes, you just need your hoity-toity on the go, and this California-based company’s caviar vending machine delivers.

Beverly Hills Caviar unveiled its unusual machines in three Southern California shopping centers last month.

Discerning customers can pick out a range of the prized fish eggs, which range from an Imperial River Beluga priced at $500 per ounce to an economical Wasabi Tobiko at $10 an ounce. The vending machines also offer escargot, gourmet salts, truffle oils, caviar for pets and highfalutin silverware, such as a pink $4 mother-of-pearl spoon.

The food comes in insulated boxes and ideally require 30 minutes of defrosting, so you won’t accidentally poison yourself with spoiled goods.

Kelly Stern and Brian Scheiner, the husband-and-wife team behind Beverly Hills Caviar, said the delicacy-dispensing machines were intended to make caviar buying less intimidating for regular people.

“What I want to do is make caviar affordable for everybody,” Stern told “The caviar is accessible, not next to Louis Vuitton and not next to Armani or Burberry. It’s in a convenient place where you’re not uncomfortable with someone looking at you checking out.”

So take that, class snobs! We’re in your shopping malls, eating all your caviar. Next up: champagne fountains in public plazas.

courtesy of Beverly Hills Caviar

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