As 2012 winds down, we’re letting ourselves get a little nostalgic. After all, we can probably trace our fascination with new-home construction back to the simple childhood joy of playing in the sandbox — building wild creations using nothing but our imaginations and the occasional plastic bucket/shovel combo. 

This week’s roundup from our Instagram profile takes us back to the early days of BuzzBuzzHome, when Leonard the Bee was just a twinkle in our eyes and a looming greyscale megalith on our homepage. No need to get too melancholy, though; the spirit of childish glee is alive and scream-kicking in BuzzBuzzHome, where our intrepid founder Matt tossed on his best Santa gear for our amusement.

The original BuzzBuzzHome website!

Heavy-duty excavation at The Station at 545 Wilson Ave. in Toronto.

Bravo TV filming Season 2 of Million Dollar Listing at 50 Lispenard St. in NYC.

As kids, we may have protested bath-time, but we would have been a lot more eager with a view like this (50 Lispenard St., NYC).

The BuzzBuzzHome tree has arrived!

Happy Holidays from the BuzzBuzzHome Santa.


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