Our mascot Leonard the Bee has been hard at work all year, so it’s only fitting that we give him the spotlight this week before he takes a well-deserved holiday break.

In fact, in this week’s Instagram round-up, we’re going to give a hand to all the mascots and logos out there.

Forget Santa, who only has to trot around the globe once a year; upholding our brand images 24/7 is a Herculean task, certainly beyond us mere mortals who have to maintain personal lives and occasionally do embarrassing things like wear Snuggies in the office and eat whipped cream from the can.

So thanks a lot, mascots! Rest up while you can, because unlike our myriad bad habits, we’re not quitting you in 2013.

Advantage of having wings = not afraid of heights

Leonard enjoying a nice desktop fire, thanks to BlackJet

Yes! Tridel lit up their crane for the holidays

Cartier putting a bow on it on Fifth Avenue in New York

We need a BuzzBuzzHome wall doodle like this

Love the color-coded seats in Google’s NYC office

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